AIINA 2017

AIINA is the documentary film festival that showcases the work done by the Convergent Journalism students of AJK MCRC Jamia Millia Islamia. This year a panel discussion was added to the festival with eminent journalists debating the current media landscape and the blurring lines between mainstream and the alternative media.  Apart from the major projects of the students, documentaries and online projects, documentary photographic work was also exhibited. Our multimedia project, Project Medstories was also shown in the fest. The project looks at the experience of medical tourists coming to India.


Playground, is a public-private space that gives artists space to show their work. Their aim is building alternative art spaces for various art forms like Theatre, Stand-up Comedy, Cinema, Music, Literature etc. They provide a platform for performances and area for rehearsals, workshops, discussions, meetings etc.  Their intention is to create an atmosphere where the art is celebrated and appreciated for its true worth, but at the same time can be enjoyed by everyone without barring them by the size of their pocket. As part of one film screening session, our documentary, In Refuge of Memories was screened there on 13th April, 2017.


Our online project, MedStories that looks at the experiences of medical tourists in India, looking beyond the numbers and looks at the problem from a humanistic perspective was shown in the seminar. It draws from their experience of cheating and challenges the dominant narrative of being a growing industry. This was exhibited in a seminar on “Democracy, Dissent and Online Spaces in India” on 24th March 2017 at Indian Social Institute, New Delhi.


A documentary film festival exploring the different aspects of Tibetan refugee life in Dehradun, organized by M.A Convergent Journalism, Jamia Millia Islamia.  Our documentary “In Refuge of Memories” was screened there.


The documentary, ‘In Refuge of Memories’ was awarded the first prize in Showtime filmmaking competition as part of ‘Parampara 2017’- media festival of IP College for Women.

Updated on 19/05/2017.

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