aside Shopian Pains

Under the shades of Chinar
Aside the rippling waters
For the symphonic orchestra
A grave dug for harsh realities of mine
The Calm streets of yesterday
Curfewed, rebelling the eulogies
Of the martyred souls
And the resistance surfacing again
The tinkling ‘Shin-yen’ streams
Reddish with the curdled blood
Innocent, the sacrifices made
For the oppressed land
The lost treasure of mine
‘Moti’ of her eyes
Orphaned in womb of widowed mother
For the barbed forever
The wrinkled eyes shed tears
Wailing the tragedies of time
Old shouldering the alien shrouded
Amidst the wailing cries shelled
The echoing-smoking barrels
Has one more worn the bier
Leaving a childhood snatched, a widowed
And the eternal storm in her heart
The roads spilling red again
Shrouded coffins shouldered
Some buried behind the wire
Identities left for time to reveal

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