Marooned in thoughts
Imagining the screams
A brother wailing
Under the endless sky.

Away from the pebbles and bubbles
With the jaws of time
A sister lost chastity
To the wild beast of tide.

Behind the veiled side
To the dark of night
Cried my sister to the distance
From the shackles of hide.

Beneath the naked earth
Behind the shadows of time
Lies bereaved my sister
With her snatched innocence.

Behind the barbed nest
Lurking “Protectors of Nation”
Lies buried the secret
Of her snatched innocence……




  1. Beautiful! May God give you power to right more and write truth. Don’t let the pain break you, turn it into fuel for your pen.

  2. Hats off to you for writing this very poem. More power to your pen.This poem if full of pain and agony.

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