aside FRIEND

“Friend” the word sweeter after the
word”mother” i have found.A feeling
inexplicable is felt when this word comes on
tongue. It carries with it tons of sweetness
and myriad meanings.A friend is the time that
heals, a crop cultivated without sowing.a rose
with an unending incense,a balm to the soul,a
need answered and a human with ethereal
relation.Friendship is inexplicable with words
whatever the combination is.
I am writing this,when and where i need a
company badly,locked in the four walls of my
hostel room,lost to the reservoir of
memories.In the bin of memories there are
some sweet and some bitter people.Wishing
for someones to be with me here.My heart
cries for them and my eyes are brimming
with tears.Someone has rightly said,”Poor
souls are those who have no friends and the
worst are those who had but they lost them
somewhere in the moments of time in the
corners of space”.Well i am among the worst
ones.I lost some to distance, some to time,
some to ego and some to species called
girls.Losing someone with reason and losing
someone without reason,i have been through
these two and losing someone without
reason or out of a misunderstanding or a
mere difference is more hurting.Ego and
attitude come under this.Surely death of
friend would be less paining than death of
friendship without reason.
Dear i am writing this for you,yes you.Do not
get confused.Your absence is killing me and i
can not stand it.You are clearer to me
now.Where ever i am i feel you there holding
my hand.You were here when it was worst
and you deserve to be here again when it is
good.I need you,come on hold my hand
again.I am waiting for you silently,for silence
defines my longing.Let my wait be over
now,lets be one again——-.



  1. May God save you from that hostel! The only person who can realize the importance of friends is the one who has none. God bless!

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